Systematic inspection of accounting records involving analyses, tests, and confirmations. The hearing and investigation had before an auditor. An audience; a hearing; an examination in general.
A formal or official examination and authentication of accounts, with witnesses, vouchers, etc. Green-Boots Const. Co. v. State Highway Commission, 165 Okl. 288, 25 P.2d 783.
See also auditor
See also
- audit committee
- office audit
- audit of return
@ audit opinion
Report of certified public accountant after an examination of financial statements, expressing opinion on the fairness of presentation of such statements. The opinion may take one of the following forms:
@ audit trail
Chain of evidence connecting account balances or other summary results to original transactions and calculations. The flow of events between the original transaction and the account balances in the financial statements.
@ desk audit
Review of civil service positions to determine if duties and responsibilities of position fit job classification and pay grade.
@ field audit
An audit by the Internal Revenue Service conducted on the business premises of the taxpayer or in the office of the tax practitioner representing the taxpayer.
To be distinguished from a correspondence audit or an office audit (q.v.).
@ independent audit
One conducted by an outside person or firm not connected in any way with the company being audited.
See also audit committee
@ internal audit
Audit performed by personnel of company to assure that internal procedures, operations, and accounting practices are in proper order-in contrast to an audit by outside, independent auditors.
- office audit (See office).
@ tax audit
An examination of books, vouchers and records, or other transactions possessing tax consequences, of a taxpayer conducted by agents of the I.R.S.
- office (office audit)
Also called audit of return
@ audit committee
A committee of the board of directors of a corporation usually consisting of outside directors who nominate the independent auditors and discuss their work with them. If the auditors believe certain matters should be brought to the attention of stockholders, the auditors first bring these matters to the attention of the audit committee

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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